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Agilious LLC specializes in the use of Agile and Lean methodologies to help companies create high-performing teams and deliver high value products that maximize competitive advantage. We drive Agile adoption (and re-adoption) through training and coaching of team members on Agile values, principles and the best agile and software engineering practices.

You can’t buy Agile. Moving to an Agile way of working requires a shift in mindset and practices on many levels. People will need to communicate differently, collaboration between teams will change, and managers will need to become Agile leaders.

Our focus is on the business success of our customers. Our coaches and Scrum Masters have supported many companies in becoming Agile and can quickly recognize gaps in the system, communication failures and technologies that might be posing problems.

Team, program, and enterprise Agile adoption is instrumental to improving delivery performance. In order to realize lasting and consistent benefits, our Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters help instill and develop a culture of sustainable quality and continuous improvement within Agile Teams and project leadership.


Manjit Singh, Founder

Manjit Singh is the founder of Agilious LLC, a boutique agile consultancy providing agile consulting, coaching, training and agile based product development. As an agile practitioner, Manjit helps organization’s develop and strengthen their agility DNA. He helps organizations successfully chart their agile journey towards creating high performing teams across their enterprise, which deliver high value products that maximize competitive advantage based on Agile-Lean principles.

Manjit Singh has a deep passion for Agile and Lean with focus on business agility. He has extensive experience shaping product management strategies and developing transformative solutions using Agile and Lean Development methodologies.

He has been participating on agile projects since 2000 and has led Agile and Lean adoption and implementations at diverse clients, both public sector and commercial, including several Fortune 500 clients such as Spirent, Freddie Mac, National Science Foundation, SBA and Department of Labor.

Manjit’s recent work is centered on combining Lean principles, the Agile mindset and methods to dramatically improve an organization’s agility. He is focused on mastering strategies and effective techniques for change management that “stick” and allow organizations to respond to change and continue to delivery value at high speed and with high quality. He has developed techniques to introduce Scrum to non-technical teams. He speaks frequently at Agile and Scrum industry conferences and events.


Stephen (Steve) Milligan, Agile Team Coach

Stephen (Steve) Milligan is an Agile practitioner with over 15 years of experience serving in the roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developer and Coach. As an Agile Team Coach, he helps teams deliver high value code by coaching and mentoring team members on the application of Lean and Agile principles and state of the art software engineering practices. He has served as a consultant and employee in the communications, financial services and, non-profit arenas including engagements at British Telecom, AARP, Sallie Mae and Fannie Mae.

Steve has been Certified by the Scrum Alliance as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and, Developer. He is also a certified LeSS practitioner, PMI-ACP, PMP, CPA and ICAgile Coach.


Jim Sywilok, Agile Team Coach

Jim first got involved with Agile methodologies in 2007 when he introduced the use of Kanban to help organize the work being done by an infrastructure engineering team. Later in 2009 he introduced XP practices to a troubled software project and credits introduction of XP practices as the reason for successfully completing the project. Jim believes that Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Extreme Programming, and others when implemented properly can provide a means to better align the technical-business relationship within the company which will benefit not only the company but also the company-client relationship.

Jim has a Master’s degree in Management Information System from George Washington University. As an agile practitioner has certifications as an Agile Coach (ICA), SAFE Agilist (SA), a Certified LeSS Practitioner, a CSP and a CSM, as well as PMI- ACP, and PMP.


Kawaldeep Singh Chadha, Enterprise Agile Coach

Kawaldeep Chadha has over 25 years of experience building embedded software and hardware for both tactical and commercial communication systems. He has been participating on agile projects since 2007. He has served as a Senior Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

As an agile consultant, Kawaldeep has helped mentor and coach multiple scrum teams to perform at a high level, by adopting good engineering practices and agile mindset. Kawaldeep is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and has participated in the scrum transformation at several companies. Kawaldeep holds several Scrum certifications — CSM, CSPO from Scrum Alliance and Certified Agile Team Facilitator from ICAgile, and Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP).

“Within 6 weeks and after 2 sprints, there was a noticeable and significant transformation of the team’s understanding and day to day practice of Scrum. With Manjit’s training and coaching, the team has delivered more than 90% of its committed story points in each of the first three sprints. This is in contrast to previous sprints in which we averaged 60-70% story point completion.”

Matt M., Freddie Mac

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