Coaching Areas

The goal of our Coaching service is for the team to become self-coaching and adept in applying agile. Our Agile Coaches help teams grow strong in applying Agile practice to their work. Areas our Agile Coaches focus on while mentoring a team may include:

  1. Instill Agile practices
    1. Creating a Product Vision
    2. Creating a Product Backlog
    3. Grooming/Refining the Product Backlog
    4. Creating a Story Map
    5. How to Do Release Planning
    6. How to Do Sprint Planning
    7. How to Conduct an Effective Daily Scrum
    8. How to Conduct a Meaningful Retrospective
    9. Writing Effective User Stories
      1. Defining Clear, Concise Acceptance Criteria
      2. Identifying Ready Criteria
    10. Sizing User Stories
    11. Prioritizing Product Backlog
  2. Coach Scrum Master
    1. Embodying the Role of “servant-leader”
    2. Facilitation Skills
    3. Mentoring Skills
    4. Negotiation Skills
    5. Being “content neutral”
    6. Navigating Conflict
    7. Accept team’s ideas above your own
  3. Coach the whole team
  4. Coach team members
  5. Coach team members one on one
  6. Coach product owners

“I have seen Manjit train and I am impressed by his speaking and presentation abilities. He demonstrated confidence and command of Agile Scrum body of knowledge. Manjit is without any doubt one of the top Agile coaches at Freddie. In fact, I tasked him with the responsibility to develop an Agile Maturity roadmap for Freddie that we continue to use.”

Jason D., Freddie Mac

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