Agile Product Development

The world doesn’t need more cool products. It needs better products that solve real world problems.

There are many agile product development shops that will build products exactly as specified. At Agilious, we don’t believe that’s an effective way to work. Instead, we partner with our clients to define an innovative vision, which we then validate and iterate, until we turn it into reality.

We offer three models of collaboration for product development.


Agilious partners with you to help you create your product’s vision and articulate it to your colleagues, partners and end customer.  We facilitate the identification and definition of your product’s Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Our consultants validate the MVP, allowing you to determine if your product (service) idea is a “market fit.”

During this process, we coach and mentor your business executives, product managers, and team members with the goal of making them skilled and proficient in this process and trained to do it on their own in the future.

  • Facilitating creation of the Product Vision
  • Helping to identify and define MVP
  • Coaching Business/Product Owner/Team


Taking a validated MVP, Agilious collaborates with you and your team to build the product jointly, with Agilious team members co-located with your team. The focus and intent is to maximize collaboration and creativity between the teams to deliver a high-value product to your customer.

  • Collaboration with Client
  • Agilious and Client staff comprise development team
  • Co-located team


This is an alternative to Co-Build where you drive agile product development and Agilious builds the product with its own delivery team. Agilious’ delivery team works closely with your product owner/manager to fully design, develop and deliver a fully functional product.

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“His unwillingness to let us deviate from correct practice into bad habits is what set him apart from all other coaches we have had. … Immediately we saw improvements in our effectiveness.”

Gerard W., Freddie Mac

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