Deadlines and Creativity — Effects of deadlines on creative work.

The Scrum Framework (in Less Than 10 Minutes) — The essence of the Scrum framework explained for the person who’s approaching Agile Scrum method for the first time.

Explaining Scrum in less than 120 seconds

Scrum Co-Creator Reveals How to Overcome Resistance to Agile Software Development! — In this short video, original Agile Manifesto author and Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland shares a simple, proven strategy for quickly getting managment & clients to adopt agile software development.

Agile Estimating and Planning: Product Backlog Estimating Units — Learn estimating a product backlog by drawing analogies to estimating two real-world activities.

Scrum: What does it mean to be Ready-Ready? — Jeff Sutherland, CEO, Scrum Inc.

A Funny Scrum Movie — A funny Scrum Master training movie for everbody that works with scrum, with Jeff Sutherland, Rini van Solingen, Ian Sense, and many more.

“Manjit’s performance with the team has clearing demonstrated his own real, hands-on experience using agile and scrum on large customer facing IT projects. He strikes the right balance between teaching, demonstrating and coaching others to “take the wheel.” Manjit is articulate, thoughtful and possesses the ability to effectively interact with all members of the team, from developers to analysts to management.”

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